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Der Endemit, Mühleggbahn

This week me and four other artists had the chance to paint in the tunnel of the mühleggbahn in st. gallen. I have a lot of memories to this place that range from childhood till now, so i was super excited to paint at this special spot. I was facing a lot of challenges during the whole process but in the end i was satisfied with the result. I met great people while painting and was shocked about the enormous amount of people that came to the vernissage. Thanks goes out to the sponsors and everybody involved! Scroll down to see the making-of video.

The endemic, Trechus schyberosiae, is a ground beetle discovered in 2011 in the northern Swiss Prealps. Its occurrence is limited to rocky areas between the mountain ranges of Pilatus and Hohgant, at around 2000 meters above sea level.

When depicting the beetle, I want to give the inconspicuous, small things more space and thus pay more attention. We could take the stubborn, enduring and adaptable insect as an example.

For the creation of the concept, I was inspired, among other things, by a visit to the Natural History Museum in St. Gallen.


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